Hip Abduction Machine / Hip Adduction Machine, Good or Bad?

how to use hip abduction machine

First, we will talk about the hip abduction machine. Besides being useful for tightening the thighs, this machine also increases core stability, prevents, treats, and helps recovery from injury to the hip or knee, while making your body movements more flexible.

Hip abductors are muscle groups located on the outer thighs, and around the glutes. You often forget these muscles to train, even though they have important roles in your life such as contributing to helping legs stand, walk, spin, move forward, backward, or move sideways.

What is the Hip Abduction Machine Good for?

This machine generally has two padded pads for the outer thigh. Leg movements will target small muscle groups such as Gluteus Medius, Minimus, and Maximus when you push the legs out by adjusting the weights. All three are muscles worked.

If you have a weak abductor hip muscle, it will negatively impact the interconnected functions of lower body movements such as knees, ankles, and feet. Therefore, training the abduction muscles will increase flexibility and better coordination of your lower body.

There are many reasons why this machine is a good form to train abduction muscles that are often ignored. Compared to doing free weights, using a machine can strengthen muscle groups in the thighs and isolate them with a much greater range in the development of a pair of glutes and hips.

hip abduction exercises
Hip abduction machine workout

If you are an athlete especially a soccer player, generally you will focus on adductors in your training. This is not good because you only pay attention to one side that can cause muscle imbalance. To overcome this, you need to use this machine to balance your thigh muscles.

A 2008 study by the National Library of Medicine revealed positive results with a six-week exercise program that included strengthening hip abductors although more research was needed.

In general, strengthening the muscles in this section will provide good benefits although it is not yet clear whether the weakness of hip abduction is the cause of knee problems.

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Hip Abduction Machine Benefits.

1. Reducing Valgus Knee.

Usually occurs in women or adults who have problems with the knee and muscle imbalance. So it looks like giving the appearance of the foot like the letter X. Valgus knee can cause sufferers to experience pain, stiff joints, and have a bad impact on abnormal walking. It is recommended that you lose weight if that is the cause of this problem and use this machine to realign your knees and strengthen your hips.

2. Improve Muscle Performance.

Do you like to sit long all day at home to spend time or work in the office? If so, it will make your Gluteus muscles weak. Together with the core muscles, both have an important role to balance the body and support your athletic activities.

If this muscle is left for a long time, it is feared that your body will use other parts of the muscle to perform tasks that are not supposed to. This can be painful when doing certain movements.

Therefore, using this machine by using resistance gradually to “wake up” your long-dead muscles is a great way to get them up.

3. Reducing pain and Preventing Weakness of Hip Abductors.

You must be careful of weakness in hip abductors. Especially in the Gluteus Medius section, because this can cause Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) and Iliotibial Band Syndrome which can cause pain in the kneecap.

Medical treatment for PFPS is generally carried out with physical therapy using machines or other equipment that can increase range of motion, strength, and endurance. The focus of this therapy is to strengthen and stretch the thighs because these muscles are the main stabilizers of the kneecap. The core workout is also recommended for strengthening the muscles in the abdomen and lower back.

Besides, studies reveal that people with PFPS are more likely to have weak hips than those who don’t suffer knee pain. This supports the notion that hip abductor strength is very important related to knee stability.

Hip Abduction Machine Exercises.

  • First, sit on the machine, then use the appropriate weight. Place your feet on the platform properly, and hold the handles on each side of the body. Keep your back straight and still so as not to cause injury.
  • Gently press the engine out with the foot away from the midpoint when exhaling.
  • At peak motion, feel the contraction for one second, and slowly move it back to the starting position while breathing in.
  • Repeat in 3 sets with 8-12 reps or the desired amount.

It is recommended to practice very carefully and uses light weights first.

Hip Abductor Machine Alternative.

There is always a way to do exercise at home. You can use resistance bands, ankle weights, or without equipment to get strong hips.

1. Side-Lying Hip Abduction.

side lying hip raises
Side lying hip abduction
  • Lie on the mat on the side of your body. Bend or straighten your elbows and put your head on the arm
  • Next, bend your knees with piled hips.
  • Lift your upper leg so that your knees are apart while keeping your hips stable.
  • Contrast abdominal muscles to stabilize your core.
  • Make sure your feet stay in contact when lifting your knees.
  • Lower legs and repeat 12 times before changing sides.
  • Alternatively, you can use a resistance band that is placed around the knee.

2. Standing Leg Lift.

hip abduction machine standing
Hip abduction machine standing
  • Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart and make sure your feet point forward.
  • Make sure your core is tight before lifting your legs.
  • Lift one leg straight to the side.
  • Make sure your back stays straight when lifting your legs.
  • Hold for a few seconds before going down.
  • Repeat ten repetitions before changing legs.

3. Side Plank Hip Abduction.

hip abductor machine alternative
Hip abductor alternative
  • Lie on your side plank position by placing your right arm under you to support the body.
  • To maintain balance, place your left arm between your stomach and hips.
  • Next, lift your body and hips to form a straight line while lifting your left leg, hold for a few seconds.
  • Lower your left leg until it touches your right foot, then lower your hips to the ground.
  • Do eight repetitions of 2 or 3 reps before changing the other side.

It’s incomplete if we don’t talk about the other side. Also, to avoid muscle imbalances, it is important to pay attention to other machines. Hip adduction machine!

What Does the Hip Adduction Machine do?

This is a piece of fitness equipment that will strengthen your adductor muscles while helping to form beautiful inner thighs from an aesthetic perspective. Generally, when talking about adductor muscles, one goes straight to the inner thigh adductor even though they are a group of muscles that move the body to the midline of the body. Which is usually found in the thighs, legs, or hands.

The adductor machine will train your inner thigh and hip muscles because these two parts have the task of bringing your two legs closer together to stabilize the hip joint. Also, muscles worked such as the hamstrings, Magnus Adductor, Gracilis, Adductor Longus, and Brevis Adductor.

hip adduction exercises
Hip adduction machine for glutes

Similar to the hip abduction, this is useful to prevent back pain and improve the recovery of knee injuries. If you are a fan of squat or lunge exercises, this machine will help to get strong adductor muscles to support your favorite workouts.

Hip Adduction Machine Benefits.

Whether beginner or advanced, this machine is the ideal form of exercise to train the adductor muscles. It also separately activates and strengthens the inner thigh muscles.

Strengthening the adductor will have an important role to maintain health because it allows you to improve the stability of the pelvis and legs which are useful for daily movements, such as walking or running.

Besides, this exercise is very useful for all types of athletes. Especially those who need strength in the legs that will experience heavy pressure. This indirectly dismissed the argument that this machine is a device commonly used for women only.

In fact, some people argue that adduction and abduction machines are dangerous. Neither does it function in other activities, or it is not as people think.

Actually, there is no good or bad machine to use, but only the right and wrong way to use it.

So there is no machine in the gym that is better than an adductor to get a tight and strong inner thigh.

Hip Adduction Machine Exercises.

  • Almost the same as an abduction machine, the difference is the movement and position of the pads inside your thigh.
  • You need to adjust the machine precisely like choosing the right weight and do it with the right technique.
  • To make it easy, hold the side handle and tighten your core. Next, push your two feet together and exhale. Make sure your back is not curved, and the pads are touching each other.
  • Use the adductor muscle to do it.

You can do a variety of movements to change the angle of the hip that targets the glutes such as sitting position, or standing. Do it with a different footrest and give a distance that is near or far from your body.

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Hip abduction and hip adduction machines are designed to isolate, tighten, and strengthen your thighs. Also known to have benefits as recovery therapy equipment for athletes or bodybuilders. Now you can combine the two with your exercise routine to get the ideal lower body shape.

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