How Many Calories Does Push up Burn in 1 Min?

how many calories does 10 push up burn

If you need a fast workout that targets your upper body muscles, core, and burns calories at the same time, push-ups are the answer. Although this exercise is simple, push-ups do it all because it is one of the best bodybuilding exercises. Besides controlling your calorie intake, especially if you want to lose weight, it’s also important to know how many calories you burn during exercise. So if push up is your new routine, how many calories does it burn?

Benefits of Push-ups.

Push-ups are strength-building movements using bodyweight. This workout can be a great movement on the go to add to your daily routine. Push-ups have many benefits if you do them regularly, as below.

1. Full-body Workout.

Push-ups are often considered a full-body workout because they involve many muscle groups to work out, especially for working out the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Although push-ups only focus on the upper body, they can also strengthen other parts of the body, including the core, back, and legs to get active.

2. Maintain Healthy Muscles & Bones.

Since puberty, it’s important to maintain healthy muscles and bones. During this time, you will lose muscle and bone strength at least 3-5% each year. So you need to do strength training such as push-ups that target the muscles and bones in the chest and arm area.

3. Improve Stability & Body Balance.

Push-ups are known to work out your proprioceptive muscle fibers. This is a type of muscle fiber that helps keep your body in balance when doing push-ups. These muscle fibers will continue to work when you do this movement to prevent your body from tipping over.

4. Strengthens Shoulder Muscles & Supports Your Joints.

Generally, people who like to push up have strong, broad shoulders. That’s because this exercise is very effective for strengthening muscle groups in the shoulder joint area. The muscles and tendons around the shoulder play a role in keeping the arm bones above the shoulder. Keep in mind, don’t overload your muscles with high reps at first because it can cause injury. Increase the reps when your muscles are completely adequate.

5. Maintain Heart Health.

When you do push-ups, they involve several large muscle groups as you lift and lower your body. That means your heart rate will increase. It will also strengthen your heart muscle and improve general cardiovascular health. A study shows that men under 40 years who can do push-ups as much as 40 times in a row, can avoid the risk of heart disease by 96%. But if you can’t do 40 push-ups, don’t worry. If you can do 11 push-ups in a row, that means you have lowered your risk of heart disease by 64%.

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How Many Calories Does a Push up Burn?

There are several factors that affect the number of calories burned when you do push-ups. Height, weight, age, gender, and intensity are some of the variables that determine the number of calories you burn. But generally, this exercise can burn seven calories in one minute. Not much different if you do 10 repetitions of push-ups, it will burn no more than 4-6 calories.

For example, if you are a man weighing about 81 kg. Then do 100 push-ups in 5 minutes, you will burn about 34 calories. But not everyone can do that for 5 minutes at a time, right? So the number of calories burned per session will be lower.

So if your goal is to lose weight, just doing push-ups won’t pay off much. From this, you should know that this exercise doesn’t burn many calories. Instead of just doing push-ups, do HIIT workouts like this for optimal calorie burn if losing weight is your goal. You can still incorporate push-ups into your workout routine in the morning by doing 20 push-ups for 1 minute. Increase to 50 reps when your body gets stronger to burn more calories.

How to do Push-ups Correctly?

Starting from a high plank position. Your hands are slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Make sure your neck to heels form a straight line and engage your core for balance. Inhale, then bend your elbows to lower your body to the ground while pushing your shoulders slightly forward. Lower your body until it almost touches the ground. Give a one-second pause, exhale, and push your body back to the starting position.

Push-up Variations.

Besides the regular push-ups, we also know that this exercise has several variations for different levels of fitness. Some of them are wall push-ups that are suitable for beginners. Then, modified push-ups or knee push-ups if the walls are too easy for you. Next, there are narrow push-ups that are a little more difficult than regular push-ups. Last and most challenging, clap push-ups for people with advanced fitness levels.

In addition, you can also do decline push-ups, burpees, or use weights to make this exercise even harder. Adding a set of dumbbells can also make your push-ups more difficult when pushing up. With several variations above, you can do this exercise safely and according to your fitness level.

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Now you know how many calories you burn when doing 1 minute of push up. Also, you already know that push-ups aren’t effective for weight loss if this is the only exercise you do. They don’t burn lots of calories, so combine them with other exercises to increase the burn you want. If you are a beginner, avoid these most common workout mistakes before you get into your new routine.

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