How to be Become a Personal Trainer in 4 Simple Steps

how to be become a certified personal trainer

If you’re a fan of the fitness universe and love helping others to achieve their goals, becoming a personal trainer might be the right profession for you. However, to become a professional personal trainer is not easy. There are many steps you have to go through to reach the label, one of which is getting a certificate. So, how to be become a personal trainer?


Living a healthy lifestyle and discipline for yourself is extraordinary. Maybe some of you feel that it’s not enough if you don’t have a positive effect on others. Being a personal trainer certainly has many benefits. For example, you will lead other people to live a healthy lifestyle like you. Therefore, for those of you who are interested in becoming personal trainers, you may want to consider changing what you like to become a pleasant job.

For a beginner who is looking for a personal trainer, generally they will look for a trainer who has a degree, knowledgeable, extensive experience, and certified in their expertise. Without college, you will not get a degree that might make fitness activists not interested. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be a personal trainer because some companies also hire someone without looking at their education.

It’s very important for a prospective personal trainer who has decided to pursue a career in the fitness universe to know every step that will take. While sacrificing a lot of time and money to achieve success.

If this is your long-term goal, now is the time to leap to being of benefit to others while doing work you love at one time. Consider the following things as a start to achieving your goals.

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#1 How to Start Being a Personal Trainer?

Every new step that you will take, including being a personal trainer, must begin with a PLAN. First, consider whether you will start a career by working part-time or full, then what kind of community will you help? Is it for seniors or help adults to lose weight, build muscle, or something else.

Then ask yourself why to choose this profession, and what is its purpose. This is important as your starting point to see how far you can focus on your choices. Furthermore, a personal trainer must be able to understand the desires of clients to help them improve their fitness.

#2 How to Get a Personal Trainer Certification?

The next step is that you must know how to train someone physically and mentally appropriately and effectively. With certification, this is the best way to get that knowledge. There are several factors to get the best certification. The first factor you have to look at is whether the chosen organization has been accredited, for example, like the NCCA.

Then, before entering into a personal trainer course and getting a certificate, the following must be included in your criteria such as being 18 years or older, having a high school diploma or GED, and having a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) / Automated External Defibrillator Certification (AED) as a test requirement.

#3 How Personal Trainers Get Clients?

Clients come and go. So to keep your business growing and strong, you need to find creative ways to get new clients. There are many ways and strategies that you can use in investing to attract them. Some of the below are the best ideas for clients to find you to help them.

how to become a personal trainer and nutritionist

1. Choose Your Fitness Specialty.

It’s important to decide on your career path before deciding on any form of training in front of you. You can choose a specialization that suits your expertise, interests, professional goals, or according to your preferences. Do you want to be a personal trainer and nutritionist, fitness instructor specialist, athletic specialist, or medical specialist because they all have differences.

After determining the path you will take, observe, and review the various fitness certification bodies and their certifications. Next, choose the program that makes the most sense that is most appropriate from the perspective of preparation and professional results.

2. Promote Yourself.

How to be become a personal trainer next is to start promoting yourself. When you get certified, immediately take the first step by promoting your new business by offering attractive offers to prospective clients. Aside from promoting privately, many fitness centers and other places may need your help such as 24 hour fitness, personal training studios, various companies, health centers, home training, or even your studio.

3. Maintain a Good Relationship with Clients.

Big cities in the US such as in Ontario, in Texas, or Florida have many fitness enthusiasts. As a trained personal trainer, there will be many clients who ask for your help to increase their strength every day. If you already have many clients, the next thing is to maintain a good relationship with them because to keep clients choosing you are a difficult thing if you only rely on certificates, talents, skills, and experience.

Therefore, treat them well and make them as comfortable as possible with you. For example, you should be able to be a good listener when they talk about their desires. Then you can give some references regarding their fitness needs. Things like this can make them comfortable and feel that you really think about them. Indirectly the client will respect and make you a suitable role model.

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Besides, you have to get involved with clients because most successful trainers are those who like to hang out with their clients. Also, you need to use wisdom because there are certain times where your clients are in a different way of thinking. One client can respond well to a strict regime while other clients need a softer approach. So you have to be able to handle their personality and mood in the best way.

Provide a training schedule that is interesting, organized, and tailored to the needs of clients. Make sure you are always on time and arrive as promised because the client has invested your money and time in you.

4. Improve Your Skills and Education.

Don’t talk as if you know everything because this is a fast-moving industry. You must keep your training relevant at all times. Therefore, to keep your certificate up-to-date and to broaden your knowledge, education is needed to help you get all information related to fitness and health. Usually, the organization where you get the certificate will offer courses and workshops to improve skills. You can read a fitness book that can be used as a reference to add insight.

5. Manage Your Business and Marketed.

Overtime after getting enough work experience and good skills, you want to build your business empire. Many factors that you must learn as a prospective business owner include how to build a system that you will manage, or how to invest because at the beginning of your business you usually have to spend money to get started.

If your business has begun to run slowly, do marketing. This is important to attract the interests of your prospective clients. Some you can do is create a website to attract more clients from various regions. Also, create profiles on various social media, and open online training. You can also conduct face-to-face seminars, or give discounts to your clients so that they refer to others.

#4 Is a Personal Trainer Worth it?

Working as a personal trainer is a noble task. You will teach good things to many people in health and fitness activities. Before you go any further, the expectations and reality below might become your consideration whether being a personal trainer is worth it or not.

how to become a personal trainer in canada

1. Becoming a Personal Trainer Means Workout Often.

If you think like that, you should stop now. After you pursue the profession of a personal trainer, most of the time will be spent watching, correcting, and talking with your clients. If you want to exercise, you can only do it early in the morning or when the gym will close at night. So if you just want to exercise often, don’t be a personal trainer.

2. Personal Trainer Make Lots of Money.

The reality is NOT! Maybe this assumption is true that you will get a decent salary. But the salaries are not consistent. At present, the personal trainer profession is very numerous. If you can’t promote yourself, chances are there won’t be any clients coming to you. As a personal trainer, you should learn to market yourself, how to follow up with clients, and think of them as friends. So being a good salesperson is the most important thing to be a personal trainer.

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So do you still want to be a personal trainer? Yes, everything is back to your will. If you want to focus on getting your fitness, you should use the services of a personal trainer instead of becoming a personal trainer. If your passion is leaning towards health and wants to help many people in the gym, becoming a personal trainer is a good choice.

Today, obesity and unhealthy lifestyles attack many teenagers and adults. Therefore, this world still needs you as a fitness trainer to make it healthy and fit. Hopefully, after you take the time to read the article about how to be become a personal trainer above, you can strengthen yourself to have a career with activities that you enjoy while helping many people in the fitness industry.

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