How to do CrossFit Workouts with Rower Like a Pro

crossfit rowing workouts

CrossFit workouts with rower are one of the best cardio exercises and are easier to do than running. They are a great machine for testing your body’s endurance and building it. In addition to testing your skills, this exercise will pump your heart rate and breathing while burning many calories.

CrossFit WOD (Workouts Of the Day) is one of the best exercises that can be done to maximize fat trimming by maintaining and increasing muscle mass at low or high-intensity. A pull by rowing will target and regrow the muscles the way you want.

How to do CrossFit Workouts with Rower?

So today I’m going to show you how to use one of the most misused pieces of equipment in the gym, the rowing machine. If you are a beginner, I’ll show you how to use it like a Pro and talk about it the big benefit.

#1 Adjust Your Feet.

When you enter this machine, the first thing you want to do is adjust your feet. You want the straps to be just over the midline of your shoelace as you tighten. And you want to make sure as you go back, the straps are tight. As you come back you’re pushing with your heels and you want to make sure that the straps aren’t coming loose.

Unfortunately, sometimes we go to the gym and the straps are broken or the feet of broken and you’ll go back. Then you’ll end up just sliding back because of none of these attaches. So that’s when you just have to find that good level of control and core strength. So set yourself up first.

#2 Raise Your Chest.

Now two things to remember, when you start to row is off legs, arms, arms legs. What you want to do, to grab your handle and you make sure that it’s set up at the proper resistance that you need it to be. When you start, a lot of people I notice will have a rounded back like a cat. Like you’re protecting something in an alley.

What you want to do is make sure your chest is up. You’re squeezing that lower back and keeping your core tight. Your arms are straight and should not bend until you reach all the way back.

So what do I mean by the legs, arms, arms, legs? Well, what I mean is you start with your legs exploding back as soon as this handle passes your knees is when your arms come into play. A lot of times I see people pulling on it first, you’re fighting your knees. Some people don’t even move that has to do the awkward motion.

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#3 Ready to Explode.

So what you want to do, make sure your chest is up. Your back is flat and arm straight. You’re going to explode first with your legs. Then your arms, once your legs are straight. This weight should be where your knees are arms explode back.

As your arms come back, I want to make sure you’re keeping your elbows in. This thing comes about the midsection, I don’t want to appear by our face, you don’t want to like down by our belly button. Keep it about the midsection, elbows are in. Not flailing out but weird like chicken bands. Keep it in right squeezing your shoulder blades together at the back.

#4 Back with Control in Right.

So as you come forward, we’re going to reverse that. So on our way back to our first starting motion, start with legs the go-to arms. Now we’re going to reverse that arms, then legs.

So as we come forward, we’re going to come forward. Following this line that’s already created for us, straighten your arms. Making sure not to round your back, keeping your chest up as soon as this bar passes your knees. Is when your legs come into play. Just do that in a nice smooth motion.

That we would start, it might be a lot like driving a stick shift for the first time. Doing something that’s multi-movement, sometimes takes some thought. So do not be afraid, to go nice and slow.

What I’m wanting to focus on CrossFit workouts with rower is explosion back, control in the right. So you’re going to explode back, pull. Then as you come in, it’s when you get your breath. You’ve had a good workout.

How Many Times to do CrossFit Rowing Workouts?

It is recommended at least 2 to 3 times a week if you experience difficulties. To avoid muscle aches and fatigue, your body needs rest the next day when you lift weights today. This principle still applies even if you do cardio training. Even if you don’t feel pain the next day while doing rowing, that doesn’t mean your muscles don’t need to rest.

CrossFit Rower Workouts Benefits.

Now running, especially on a treadmill at home will burn a few more calories than this as far as cardio goes, as far as calorie burning. But in the long run, this will give you a full-body workout. It’s a good way to cool down or even warm-up. Whether you’re gonna do squats, pull-ups.

Whatever you’re working out, this is a great way to warm up and cool down. Even if you just need a good cardio day. Works out, pretty much head to toe, good full-body workout. We get to work on that lean muscle as well as build your Cardiovascular system. And lean muscle is what helps burn fat when you’re at rest.

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So that’s what we want to see people you want to build. Especially if weight loss is your goal or even if it is just endurance, CrossFit workouts with rower is a great way to do it because your muscles have to have endurance as well as your lungs. So as you do it, just make sure you keep control.

Just really quick recap, make sure straps halfway over your shoelaces. Make sure your knees are inside. Your odds are not flailing out, this is not proper either. I have no idea why people would do that but make sure you’re inside almost like an egg.

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