How to Get Abs Easily and Fast with 3 Main Components

how to get abs easily

Hello guys! Today, I’m going to be showing you how to get abs easily and fast to get a six-pack. Now, when you’re trying to get six-pack abs, there are 3 main components that you need to focus on.

#1 Lowering Your Body Fat to Get Abs.

The first and most important is lowering your body fat. To get a true aesthetic six pack, you need to start burning fat, lowering that body fat percentage, so that your abdominals and all that hard work that you put into training your abdominals will actually show through.

Now, of course you can strengthen your abdominals, do a lot of ab workouts, and build your abdominal muscles. But, you will not see your best results unless you’re reducing the layer of fat that is in front of your abdominals. Imagine you change your abdominals all the time, you are super strong in your abdominals, but with all that fat on top of it, how do you expect your abdominals to show through? This is why the first most important thing is to start burning fat and lowering your body fat percentage.

how to get abs more easily
How to get abs more easily

I have a workout for you today that is going to involve High-Intensity Interval Training, the best way to burn body fat. Honestly, it’s a lot more beneficial than steady-paced cardio. In fact, 15 minutes of High-Intensity Interval Training is way more effective and you’ll burn a lot more calories than just walking or running on the treadmill for 40 minutes.

I’d rather be putting more effort in 15 minutes than doing something for 40 minutes. That’s just not going to give me the results as fast as I want, in the most efficient way. Another benefit of doing High-Intensity Interval Training is that you have up to 48 hours of an after-burn effect. This means that you’ll continue to burn fat even after your workout is done, versus steady-paced cardio when you’re just burning only when you’re working out.

#2 Train Your Abs.

So, while you’re focusing on lowering that body fat percentage, the next component that you’ll want to simultaneously be working on, of course is training your abdominals. Now, this works the same way. If you’re burning a lot of fat and you’re lowering your body fat percentage but you don’t actually train abdominal exercises, well your abs aren’t going to be as developed as they should be, again, to be showing that aesthetic 6 pack abs.

how to get abs easily and fast
How to get abs easily and fast

Just like any part of your body, if you have a low body fat percentage, but you haven’t worked on the muscles underneath and you don’t have defined muscles, well you’re just going to look skinny. This is why if you’re really looking to get six-pack abs the fastest way it’s super important not only to do High-Intensity Interval Training and lowering your body fat percentage but to also simultaneously be working on your abdominal muscles. That’s going to improve the definition and thickness of your muscle mass and that’s how you start looking shredded.

#3 Follow a Healthy Diet to Get Abs.

Last but not least, the third component that you should simultaneously be working on, of course is your diet and nutrition. If you’re really trying to lower your body fat percentage, you’re really going to need to cut down on your bad fats, your bad carbs. And focus more on foods that are going to help you build muscle like lean protein, white meats, staying away from red meats, and trying to eat that as little as possible. Of course, you can find a lot of protein in many different vegetables out there.

Just remember that when you eat carbs, that’s always going to be stored energy. And if you don’t use them, it’s going to turn into fat. When you eat protein that’s what’s going into building your muscles. So, increasing your protein, of course is going to help a lot. And, your calorie intake plays a big role in this as well.

healthy diet to get abs
Healthy diet to get abs

You can be eating a lot of healthy foods. But at the same time, if you’re on caloric surplus and your just over-eating all these things, it’s going to work against you. If you’re on a caloric deficit, meaning that your eating less the number of calories that you normally take in a day, well then you’re allowing your body to burn more stored energy, which is fat. And that’s going to work towards of course lowering your body fat percentage which is the main goal.


So, mainly you want to focus on lowering that body fat percentage and a big way that helps is with High-Intensity Interval Training, that’s better than just normal stay cardio. Actually training your abdominals, and that’s a big one too because you can be low body fat percentage, just be really skinny, and actually not have the muscle mass and the muscle definition to actually look aesthetic and get those six-pack abs. And of course, this is all going to tie in with your nutrition. If your nutrition is on point, then everything else is just going to come a lot easier and a lot more natural.

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How Long Does it Take to Get Abs?

If you’re focusing on all three of these components and you’re gradually making progress on a daily, weekly basis, then you are guaranteed to see results. There is no magic pill, there is no shortcut to this. It’s just hard work, burning fat, working on your abdominals, and working on your nutrition.

how to get abs easily at home
How to get abs easily at home

So, if you have all three of these things already down, then the only thing you need to make sure you’re doing is doing a proper training routine, a proper workout. You have to make sure that you’re incorporating High-Intensity Interval Training and that you’re simultaneously building the abdominal muscles.

If you feel like you’re following these tips but still not getting the best progress, it could be because of the way your programming your workouts or the routines that you’re doing just aren’t efficient enough in High-Intensity Interval Training or abdominal exercises. Which is why I have a workout for you today.

The Warm-Up Exercises to Get Abs.

Let’s go right into this workout routine. We’re going to be incorporating High-Intensity Interval Training with abdominal sculpting ab exercises.

1. Side-to-Side Burpees.

So, we’re going to start off with a warm-up that’s going to get our whole body moving, our whole body active, and then we’re going to slowly start moving into these ab sculpting exercises. We’re going to start this routine off with some High-Intensity side-to-side burpees. To build High Intensity, you wanna start moving. So, we’re not going to do normal burpees, we’re going to go side-to-side. Let’s do it!

how to get abs easily and quickly
How to get abs easily and quickly

All right, a quick 10 set right there. Now, let’s move right into switching mountain climbers.

2. Mountain Climbers.

We’re gonna go for 50. Let’s go for it. Make sure to twist and bring that knee to the elbow, every single time.

how to get six pack abs easily
How to get six pack abs easily

3. In & Outs.

Next move, this is the last one of the warm-up. We’re gonna jump in, jump out. Let’s keep it moving and we’re going to go for 20.

how to easily get 6 pack abs
How to easily get 6 pack abs

The Workout Routine to Get Abs.

All right, so that’s the warm-up right there. Really, you should do this 2 more times to complete the warm-up. Now, we’re going to go into how to get abs easily and quickly. So the first move we’re going to go for is Crucifix. Let’s go for it.

1. Crucifix.

crucifix workout
Crucifix workout

We’re gonna touch our heels, come all the way out like a cross, come back in. Ready? Let’s go for 20! Completely extend your legs. The straighter your legs are, the more you’re activating your abdominals.

2. Plank Side-to-Side.

plank side to side
Plank side to side

We’re gonna switch over now into a plank hold. We switch up the angles and positions when we’re training our abs because every single angle and position is gonna flex your abs differently. So make sure you always trying to switch up the angles and positions when training abs. All right, we’re going to go into a plank and going to go side, to side. Let’s go for 30!

3. L-Sit Kicks.

Next exercise, we’re gonna go for L-sit kicks and try to do at least 20. If you can’t do this move, sit down every time you need to but get back up and keep going. A lot of moves that you try that seem hard, actually get easier over time. So, train all the things you hate doing, train all the things that you really suck at because that’s really what’s going to get you to the next level. Let’s go for some L-sit kicks in 20 times!

l-sit kicks
L-sit kicks

Now, that one is tough, so just try to do it as perfectly as possible. If you come back down, take a breath, but come right back up and continue.

4. V-ups.

We’re gonna go into V-ups now and we’re gonna lie down flat, come all the way up, touch our toes, and come right back down.


5. L-Sit Switching Legs.

That’s a killer one! All right, let’s move into the next one. We’re gonna come back into an L-sit. This time, we’re gonna hold an L-sit and switch our legs. So, holding L-sit, bring in one leg, switch for 20 times.

l-sit switching leg
L-sit switching leg

6. Boat Hold Leg Flutters.

All right, we got two more moves left. Let’s bring it back down to the floor one last time. We’re going to go into a boat hold. When we hold this boat hold, start leg flutters. Let’s go for 30 seconds!

flutter kicks
Flutter kicks

Keep your legs as straight as possible when you’re doing leg flutters. If you start bending your legs, you’re not going to be as efficient.

7. L-Sit Hold.

Let’s do the finisher, this is the close-out right here. The last move of the routine and we’re just going to hold an L-sit for 20 seconds. So, if your drop before 20 seconds, breathe and go right back up till the 20 seconds are done. Let’s go for it!

l-sit hold
L-sit hold

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The Takeaway.

So, that’s the routine of how to get abs easily. This is gonna be the fastest way to get your six-pack abs, and this workout routine you can do at home or anywhere. In your room, in your house, in a park, wherever you at. So that means, there are no excuses for you to get in the best shape of your life.

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