How to Lose Fat Under Armpits with Cardio & Strength Training

reduce fat under armpits

How to lose fat under the armpits? Well, actually there are two ways, eat healthily and go exercise! Every woman must have a body part that makes her less confident. One of them is the fold in the armpit area. Besides being annoying, a pile of fat below the armpits can interfere with your appearance. That makes you unable to wear sleeveless clothing and feels lumpy when your arms clamped. To bring back your confidence, let’s get rid of the fat with the following methods.

How to Lose Fat Under Armpit?

If you want to tighten your upper arm and armpit area. You have to eat healthy to get nutrition and do exercises to strengthen muscles throughout the body. But, if you just want to focus on the armpit area only, it’s not effective. If you really want to lose fat around the armpits, you need to focus on overall weight loss. So doing cardio and strength training is the best way to reach your goals.

#1 Diet to Lose Fat Below Armpit.

Avoid junk food! In my opinion, generally stubborn fat is the effect of a messy diet. So if you don’t want to add fat folds, you must change your diet to be healthier by consuming balanced nutritious food. Some healthy foods for consumption include vegetables, fruits, wheat nuts, fish, and lean meat.

lose fat under armpit fast

The key to losing weight, you must burn more calories than what you eat because no matter what your diet, calories must be reduced at least 300 to 500 calories per day from daily intake. A simple trick, reducing or even eliminating your soft drinks will help. Not eating chocolate cake and the candy is a good choice. Alternatively, you can eat low-carb and high-protein foods or do intermittent fasting. But remember, whatever your diet choices, make it fun, gradual, and long-term.

No less important, you should drink enough water. Your body consists of 60% water. So to make your body work optimally, drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Besides being refreshing, water has many benefits, one of which is to lose weight fast. If you drink water before eating, it will help you fill up faster and make you not overeat.

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#2 Exercises to Lose Fat Under Armpits.

To get rid of armpit fat and especially the whole body while building muscle, do exercises with low intensity, moderate to fast and repetitive. So for weeks, months, and even years, you will exercise intensively to turn your body into a fat-burning machine. Starting with regular cardiovascular exercise to get your body accustomed. Then level up to a higher intensity combined with strength training to increase calorie burning.

exercises to lose fat under armpits

Start with Cardio Exercises.

Cardio exercise comes as a calorie-burning solution even though each person’s results will vary based on age, sex, fitness level, etc. Maybe you need more time before seeing the results, although some people do it faster. But it shouldn’t be a problem because the important thing is that you have better habits. Before entering into a more intense program, you can exercise such as running or cycling as a beginning.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Feel better? If yes, you can move forward to this exercise. HIIT training is a series of high cardio exercises with a combination of very intense movements and performed in a short duration of 5 to 20 minutes. Even though the training is short, the effect is amazing for your body. You can use your bodyweight or involve weights like this. According to various sources, HIIT training is more effective for burning fat than regular cardio or all physical activities that burn calories. So if you have graduated from regular cardio, increase its intensity into HIIT to challenge your muscles.

Add Strength Training.

If you think strength training can’t lose weight, that’s wrong! The more muscle, the more calories you burn. Doing cardio exercises every day will only make you skinny. So if you want to have an ideal body and make it balanced, lift your barbell! Building muscle with strength training is one of the best ways to lose weight.

Even if you have a target to tighten your upper body, it doesn’t mean you miss your lower body. You must build your entire body group, including your core to build overall strength. Some strength training to get rid of upper body fat include regular push-ups, dips, chest press, rowing machines, and pull-ups. For lower body exercises include squats, walking lunges, and deadlift (learn more about leg exercises here). Do it strength training three times a week to get total fitness.


Increased fat can occur anywhere in your body, including armpits. However, you can’t reduce fat in certain areas. If you want to burn fat and lose lumps under the armpits, reduce the overall weight of your body. Healthy eating habits balanced with regular exercise will help you get rid of body fat. Upper body exercises that target the chest, back, and arms will sculpt fat around the armpits. Coupled with high-intensity cardio exercises and lower body exercises that will cut overall body fat while building muscle.

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