How To Use the Assisted Pullup Machine To Build The Strength

assisted pullup machine benefits

The assisted pullup machine can be the answer for those of you who wants to try to start the pullup exercise. If the strength of your upper body is not strong enough, there, pullup can seem very unlikely. But don’t worry, because you are not alone in this struggle. Pullup is one of those movements that are quite difficult, scary, but looks simple in all physical activities, and this is a common goal that many people want to achieve at least once in their lives.

Pullup machines consist of many types that allow you to adjust the balance by adjusting the amount to be raised by the machine. The lower you put the pin, the heavier the stack will be used, and the more help you receive.

If you train against 80 pounds of strength and effectively lift 1/2 of your body weight over the bar, how much weight? If you weigh 160 pounds, and the pin is set at 80 pounds. Gradually reduce the amount of weight you use for help and you will advance towards the first pullup.

You may have seen this tool in the gym, but you don’t have a plan or how to place it so that it can be used properly. So, for those of you who wants to start building a strong upper body, here are some ways that can help you to be able to pullup with optimal results.

Safe Way of Use.

  • Secure the pin to the desired weight.
  • Stand on the side platform and hold the outer handle.
  • Lift one knee, then place it on the knee support. Hold the handle firmly when you put the second knee on the knee of the knee, and then be prepared to hold yourself (with the help of a counterweight). Keep your abs, neutral, and shoulders pressed down and back.
  • Pull your body up as far as possible, let the muscle worked, and your abs must stay connected and your shoulders still pressed down and back. Gently lower it down until your hands are almost straight.
  • Repeat 10 to 15 times. Be sure to pull yourself up first when you get off the machine and make sure your hands are still active, lift one knee slowly and lower it to the side platform, then follow the other one.
assisted pullup machine for beginners

Special Instructions: Remember that on this machine, when the weight you choose is heavier, then you lift less than your weight and exercise becomes easier. When the selected weight is lighter, the opposite occurs. You can experiment with different grips.

If you want to do this exercise at home, of course you must have this tool first. There is no harm in taking a moment to look for the type or brand that you want, such as on planet fitness, for example, through sites on the internet by adding the word: for sale. Imagine if you have this tool at home, of course you can exercise at any time without having to bother setting the schedule to go to the fitness center.

Should You Start Using It?

This exercise targets the Latissimus dorsi body muscles, also known as wings or lat. Other muscles such as the shoulders, and biceps are targeted in this exercise, including the Brachialis and Brachioradialis. These muscles increase the capacity of lifting your upper body weights. If you want to look better and get a V–shape, then start pullup exercises and see the changes that occur in your body.

assisted pullup machine muscles worked

To start, all you need be a good grip and a bench that helps maintain your body. There are several types of pullup grips, including front grip, chin-ups grip, backward grip, rotating grips, and hammer grip.

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The Benefits.

No more worrying about where and how to do pullup because you have helped pullup machines available for support, this is great for beginners. People who have not done pushup can use it to exercise exercising their muscles.

Get more confident by using the assisted pullup machine at the same time you can easily improve your fitness. This tool can also be used to train your other muscles such as for glutes and for legs. No need to use separate exercise equipment, lower body aids can be used to do one leg press.

Place one of your feet on the connected stepper on both sides while placing the other foot on the pad. Then push the milk down with your feet resting on the pad.

Are There Better Exercises Than Pullups?

Regarding strength and overall back and upper body muscles, pullup is likely to get better results. When compared vs lat pulldown which results in greater activation of lats and traps, the assisted pullup machine produces more activation, and also activates a wider range of stabilizing muscles in the process.

assisted pullup machine vs lat pulldown


However, this does not mean that pullup must always be selected. Many people really can’t do enough pullup to make it a very effective choice. Speaking from personal experience, combining two exercises together in your back routine can certainly give the best results.

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