4 Must Do and 3 Mistakes of Rotator Cuff Exercises with Band

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Rotator cuff exercises with band, do you know how important this exercise is? If you see, generally the exercise program that you go through has an imbalance between shoulder rotation internally compared with shoulder rotation externally. This can cause shoulder pain. If you know that you should do an external shoulder rotation exercise, that won’t happen.


Ball joints and sockets on the shoulder, allowing it to move in a variety of movements. Shoulder pain or injury can limit your ability to maneuver your arms properly, this injury is usually the result of too frequent and repetitive movements that tend to affect muscles, ligaments, and tendons rather than bones. Activities that use a lot of arms such as tennis, volleyball, weight lifting, or swimming are very vulnerable to shoulder problems.

Exercises to help increase the strength of your shoulders are also determined by your healer. Strengthening the rotator cuff muscles is very important to prevent injury to perform as well as possible during sports that involve your shoulder movements. As important as this exercise is, many people who exercise may miss it altogether. Don’t make the same mistake.

The people below are at the risk of rotator cuff injuries, so they need to strengthen their shoulders with resistance band exercises:

  • Those over the age of 40 have a high risk of suffering rotator cuff tears due to the natural wear and tear of aging.
  • Those who do manual labor work that requires overhead work such as painters and carpenters.
  • Those who overuse their shoulders in sports such as baseball, tennis, and weight lifting.
  • A fall or traumatic injury is also a cause of rotator cuff tears.

Band Exercises for Rotator Cuff.

Before starting rotator cuff exercises with a band, you should get a resistance band. You can buy resistance bands at sports stores or buy them online. Make sure to get the right one. Usually, different color bands show different amounts of resistance. This is a common shoulder exercise to help strengthen your shoulder muscles and your rotator cuff. So this is what you must do!

1. Shoulder External Rotation.

How to: Start by tying your band to a strong object, or the doorknobs. Make sure no one is opening or using the door when you do the exercise. Stand perpendicular to the door with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the band in hand to the shoulder you want to train then bend your elbows 90-degrees.

shoulder external rotation resistance band

Make sure your elbows are tucked at the sides of your body with your hands above your navel, then slowly turn your shoulders out. Hands should move outward, until our arms to the starting position. Repeat ten to fifteen times reps then continue to the next exercise.

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2. Shoulder Internal Rotation.

How to: Secure one end of the rubber band to an object at the height of your chest. Then wrap the end of the band around the wrist and hold it firmly. Place a towel or other object between your body and upper arm to limit the movement of your upper arm.

Position your arms straight to the side and bend your elbows 90-degrees. So your forearms are pointing at objects that hold the band.

rotator cuff exercises using bands

Step aside to create resistance in the band. Then pull the handle towards the abdomen and allow it to return slowly after a short pause. Hold your upper arm against your stomach and elbows bent, then repeat with the other arm.

3. Shoulder Extension with Band.

How to: Do this exercise by making sure the tape is securely fastened to the doorknob or other sturdy object. Face your body to the door while holding the band in one hand. Pull the band slightly to make sure there is less tension.

rotator cuff exercises with band pdf

Make sure your posture is upright, then slowly pull the band back and keep your arms straight. Your hands should move slightly past your hips. Hold the position at this end for two seconds, then slowly return to the starting position. Be sure to control the movement and repeat this movement ten to fifteen repetitions.

4. Shoulder Abduction with Band.

How to: Tie the resistance band on the doorknob. Then stand up straight beside the door and hold the band that passes in front of your body. Keep your elbows straight all the time and slowly raise your arms to the side.

rotator cuff band exercises youtube

You should try to raise your hand but not parallel to the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat 10-15 times.

Common Mistakes of Rotator Cuff Exercises with Band.

Based on reviews on Athlean X, there are some mistakes that people often make when doing rotator cuff exercises. So read on if you want to improve the way you do it.

1. Give Room to the Elbow.

The first mistake, when doing an external rotation you do a little cheating is to raise your elbows or give them space to move. What happens is, this is no longer using the rotator cuff. But you have involved deltoid to work and dominate. This is totally wrong!

You should keep the elbows aside, as narrow as possible. Use a towel under your arm to help. When your elbows move away from the body, the towel will fall to the ground. This can be a good idea to make sure you don’t do side lateral raises.

2. Rounded Shoulders and Curved Backs.

The second mistake is your upper body position. Rotator cuff training is good but if you do it with bad posture, your efforts will be blocked.

What we are talking about here is, if you have round shoulders or curved backs, that has killed your freedom. Don’t believe it? Position yourself with your shoulders bent forward. Then try to raise your arms forward as high as possible. We make sure before you can do that, the arm will be blocked mechanically.

So that’s what you have to fix. How? Raise your chest, stand straight, look ahead, and adjust your shoulder blades. Now when you raise your hand, you have more freedom, down and back. Nothing is blocking!

3. Inattention to the Other Parts.

The third mistake is actually still related to the second. So what exactly does a shoulder blade do? The position of the shoulder blades is very important for the whole shoulder joint. So, don’t neglect this main component of your shoulder rotation exercise.

There are two muscles that can place the shoulder blades according to your wishes, namely Serratus Anterior and Lower Trap. With a little extra practice, you can train them easily.

First, use Plank Plus with a few changes. To get a slight external rotation to the shoulder, position your palm up with your shoulders and elbows inside. Then push the body of the arm to get the bow on the shoulder. The main focus of this exercise is Serratus Anterior. This exercise will hold your shoulders firmly and is good for your ribs.

The second exercise you need to do is the Lower Trap. This is to get the shoulder blade rotation because most rotations are needed when the shoulder blade is raised. This exercise can be done in 2 ways, using a bar or cable. You only need to raise your arms about two thirds if your shoulder blades are fixed.

The first to use the pullup bar. All you have to do is lift your body without letting your elbows bend. That will create a natural upper rotation. When using cables, it is actually almost the same as Lat Pull Down but you only need to be positioned down and keep your arms straight.

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The Bottom Line.

So the point is, you don’t have to do much from the workout. Much more important is when you do it correctly according to instructions and make sure the muscles work in place.

Resistance bands offer a low-impact solution for exercising and strengthening your shoulders. The rotator cuff exercises with band can be used as an addition to your exercise routine or stretching routine before the warm-up. By strengthening the muscles around the shoulder joint, you can rehab and prevent possible future injuries.

Before starting this training program or any exercise, first learn the movements, and also the impact of each exercise that you will go through. You can search several internet sites by adding the word: pdf, so you can save the file or you can view it on YouTube.

After that, please consult with your doctor or professional healthcare provider. Stop any exercise that causes you pain, discomfort, nausea, dizziness, or shortness of breath, and immediately consult a medical expert. Start slowly and at the right level for you because not all training plans are suitable for everyone.

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