4 Steps of the Strength Training Program to Lose Weight for Women

strength training workouts for weight loss

Do you want to start a strength training program to lose weight? So where do you start? How and what training should you do? Yes, to be honest, I don’t have one direct answer to that question. Basically, your age, fitness level, and time are some of the factors that influence the variation in your exercise program.

Steps of Strength Training Program for Weight Loss.

So here I’ll share the basic steps for beginners to start the program simply and effectively. It might look complicated, but if you know the basics and do it from there, it’s not difficult. So let’s look at these 4 simple steps!

#1 Exercises According to Your Situation.

The question is, how much time can you dedicate to exercising? How many training days are there per week? And how many hours per day does it take to practice? Ok, if you can spend an hour exercising, that’s fine. However, if you are busy with work and can only dedicate 15 to 30 minutes, it doesn’t matter because exercising is not always better if done for a longer time.

A short exercise is better than nothing because you can still burn fat and build lean muscle.

strength training workouts to lose weight

Another question, when is the right time to exercise? There really isn’t the best time to do it. Again, it depends on your situation. If you can exercise in the morning, do it in the morning. If the night is best, do it. The important thing is that you slowly change your lifestyle for the better.

So the conclusion is, only you know what is best for yourself. Prepare physically and mentally, create your own best practice time. Then adapt to a new routine, work with it, be consistent, be disciplined, and don’t give yourself excuses.

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#2 What are the Best Strength Training Workouts to Lose Weight?

Before entering into the main exercise, you should warm-up for 5 to 10 minutes. Then after the main exercise, end with cooling. For beginners, the most efficient way to burn fat and build lean muscle is to do full-body workouts by focusing and working on the main muscles including your core.

For this reason, you need strength training or weightlifting to increase strength and build lean muscle. You can do workouts on Monday for the upper body, Wednesday for the lower body, and Friday for full-body workouts including the core using this. If your body has a lot of lean muscle, the metabolic rate in your body will be even higher. This means your body can burn fat more efficiently even when you are resting.

weightlifting program to lose weight

You can add cardio training as a complement to strength training to achieve faster results. Jogging, running, cycling, and swimming are some exercises that increase your breathing and heart rate. This is useful for increasing stamina while burning calories and excess fat. The combination of strength training and cardio is the key to losing weight.

If you do cardio exercises more than 150 minutes a week, cardio is more effective for reducing fat than weight training. But to build muscle after fat is reduced, you need weight training. So the combination of the two is the best for improving the appearance and composition of your body.

#3 How Many Reps, Sets, Rest Periods, and Weights to Lift?

The third step in the strength training program to lose weight is how many reps, how many sets to do, how much weight to lift, and how long to rest between strength training.


For beginners, you can do 10 squats in one set. Then you can move on to the next set with a break between sets 2 and 3.


It is recommended to do between 8 to 15 reps per set for beginners who want to burn fat while building muscle.

How Heavy Should You Lift?

The easy way, if you can lift more than 50 reps during exercise without spending a lot of energy, that means you need to gain weight and make it more challenging. You will not get results if you always lift the same weight every time. Use heavy enough gradually to make your muscles only do 8 to 15 reps or make you fail.

Rest Time.

It’s important to monitor your rest time because shorter breaks are recommended to maintain your heart rate throughout the entire exercise. If you do a high number of repetitions of about 15 reps, it is recommended to be at rest for about 1 minute. For beginners, start with a 1-minute break. Then, reduce it again to 50 seconds, 40 seconds, or even 20 seconds.

best cardio and strength training workout to lose weight

If you rest for too long, you can reduce your heart rate. That means your body will not burn fat as it should be. So, prepare yourself and start with a longer break at the beginning. Then reduce your rest time as you go forward and push yourself further.

#4 Track Your Workout Program.

One important way to find out if you have improved and kept you on track is to record your every effort. Therefore, you need to track all your workouts and fitness journey. The component inside consists of training days, training time, duration of the training, number of reps, sets, rest periods, and weights that you use. Nowadays, there are so many fitness applications that can be used to track the progress of your workouts such as LETSCOM or WHOOP Fitness Tracker.

fitness tracker letscom

The Benefits of Strength Training Exercises to Lose Weight.

  • Improve your bone density, muscle attaches to the bone when you use it.
  • Increase your metabolism. You burn more fat when you have muscle. When you effectively apply the basic principles of strength training, you will get lean muscle mass.
  • Decrease your chance of acquiring any sort of injury, joints get stronger, muscles around the joints get stronger. Then if you improve your balance as well, you can prevent falls. Also, make sure to train opposite muscles such as doing bench press exercises then training your back with a rowing machine to avoid unbalanced muscles.
  • Decrease your chance of being afflicted by chronic pain from back pain, arthritis, depression even diabetes.
  • Improve your function, your focus, your ability, and your attention. No less important, it improves your performance and physical appearance. They contribute to making your life easier such as doing daily work or doing your hobby.
  • Has a direct effect on your appearance. This will increase your confidence of course. So it’s really important to use weights.

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To make your body adapt and then see results, you need at least four to six weeks when entering a strength training program to lose weight. Apart from exercise, other factors such as nutrition, sleep, and mindset also play an important role in your efforts to lose weight. If you want to see your physical changes immediately both physically and mentally, stick to the plan and always try to be stronger from time to time.

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