Strong and Lean 4 Days a Week with Beachbody Lift 4

Beachbody lift 4, have you ever heard of it? I’m sure you already know, right! You could say this is an effective exercise, the most reliable at home, and guaranteed to change your body for the better if it is done with the right training methods. Beachbody Super Trainers have created some amazing exercises to help you lose fat, strengthen muscles, and at the same time improve your health.

Beachbody did it once again with something new named LIIFT4, made by Joel Freeman. All it takes is four days every week and dumbbell. There’s no need for bands, barbells, pull-up bars, or kettlebells, because these exercises only focus on weight lifting to make, and tighten muscles. While high-intensity cardio helps you burn fat quickly.

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Only 4 Days per Week?

This means weekend breaks and opening all weeks, yes! With three days off, it gives your muscles time to rest and rebuild. That means you will be ready to last longer and do higher on your training days. Because you exercise 4 days a week, Joel counts every second during each exercise.

This is set to make you lift with speed and keep moving. Meanwhile, the set rest time allows you to catch your breath before attacking each set. If you practice smartly, everything will never overtrain. Recovery three days a week gives your muscles time to improve, so you can push harder, lift heavier, and get better and faster results.

beachbody lift 4 workouts

There are two phases for maximum results. In the first 6 weeks, you will build, cut, and defined your body, followed by 2 weeks to burn calories and fat.

What Can You Expect?

This exercise is efficient and effective because you will exercise only 4 days a week, 30-40 minutes in one exercise. This is an 8-week program and 40-minute exercise is not until weeks 7 and 8! So in just 2+ hours per week, you will see the results you want.

Each exercise is divided into 3 parts including strength, cardio, and core training. First, you will start with heavy lifting when the muscles are still fresh to push yourself. Then move to the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) section of the exercise and end with the core muscle strengthening exercise.

Over time, your entire body will grow strong, slim, and fit. This is a simple fitness plan to follow that will help achieve your goals whether it is increasing strength, losing weight, improving health and fitness, or all three!

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Beachbody Lift 4 Schedule.

Exercise settings can change from week to week, but basically lifting first and then ending with a cardio workout.

#1 Four Days of Strength & Cardio.

  • Back & Biceps.
  • Chest & triceps.
  • Shoulder.
  • Legs.
beachbody lift 4 schedule

#2 Three Days of Recovering.

Days of recovery are made to help to repair your muscles recover and not to overtrain. Lift4 schedule has recovery days like Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.


#3 Nutrition. 

It is recommended to eat healthy foods that can build strong nutrients. Eat foods that contain 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates, and 30% healthy fats. Also, you can still enjoy your favorite foods and drinks once a week. Keep in mind, new changes to your diet can increase your body’s needs.

beachbody lift 4 diet

Who is This Exercise for?

  • Someone who is bored doing the same routine (new exercises all the time).
  • Girls who want to strengthen, shape and tighten their muscles.
  • Men who want to make muscle and/or get rid of fat.
  • Anyone who wants to train hard in just 30 minutes.

Exercise Recap.

  • Only 8 weeks.
  • 30-40 minutes every day.
  • 4 days every week.
  • Strength exercise and HIIT interval training.

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The magnitude of Beachbody lift 4 workouts intensity is quite high. Either build muscle or train HIIT, the rest time is short and Joel regularly encourages you to try your best. But don’t let that make you afraid. The results are amazing! This exercise is only 8 weeks long, and you can see the results in week 5!

The best part of Beachbody lift 4 is that you can still have other lives, including cheat days. There are no complicated steps or recipes, just follow the steps that have been designed to provide serious and optimal results for your fitness and health.

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