5 Best Resistance Band Chest Exercises for Massive Muscle

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It doesn’t matter whether you are a bodybuilder or a weekend fighter, having a stronger chest is very beneficial for the aesthetics and performance of fitness training. Generally, someone who wants to build a big chest will use weights. But that’s the old way, now you can sharpen your chest with free weights using resistance band chest exercises if you want a different variation of the exercise.


Many people don’t believe that resistance bands can be used for the whole exercise. They can even be used for more than just heating or cooling because they are very useful for getting an amazing sturdy chest. To make your chest stronger, bigger, and harder, you don’t need expensive large equipment. Because what is needed now is just a few bands and great training below to get a sharp chest.

Generally, the form of resistance band exercise consists of 2 types, namely anchor and no anchor if you see it on YouTube or other websites. You can do no anchor training anywhere because it only requires the body and resistance bands. While anchor training requires a door or a sturdy object to hold the band to cause tension. It is recommended to use a door handle to make the anchor point at the desired height. Also to get the angle and a variation of the exercise.

So, what exercises use resistance bands? Please pay attention!

1. Push-up.

This is a classic move. But, with a resistance band placed on your back, it will make gravity push your body back to the floor when pushing up.

resistance band chest exercises no anchor
Resistance band chest exercises No Anchor

How to: To begin, place a band on your upper back while holding each end of the resistance band in both palms. Then enter the push-up position, do push-ups from your chest on the floor until the full extension is at the top with straight arms. Squeeze the shoulder bar at the top, and slowly lower it to repeat.

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2. Single Arm Incline Press.

single arm incline press
Single arm incline press

How to: Anchored the resistance band on a sturdy object or the doorknob at the hip level and make sure the door is locked. Hold the edge of the band with your right hand. Then move your body away from the door to create tension in the band. Step your left foot forward, then push the band forward and up until your arms are straight. Hold for 1 second in the top position, then slowly return your arms to the starting position.

3. Chest Fly.

Make sure the upper chest muscles are the target if you do not feel it means you do not get enough resistance from the band. Be sure to use a good resistance band to get maximum results. Besides, this resistance band chest exercise simulates what you do with a dumbbell or pec deck machine.  

resistance band chest exercises pdf
Resistance band chest exercises pdf

How to: anchor the resistance band on a sturdy doorknob, then hold both ends of the band with two hands. Stay away from the anchor and with the position of the horses with knees slightly bent. Next, spread your arms slightly bent and position your palms facing inward. Then, bring your hands together and squeeze your chest. Slowly return your hand to the starting position to repeat the movement.

4. Reverse Grip Fly.

resistance band chest exercises athlean x
Resistance band chest exercises Athlean X

How to: By stepping on the resistance band under your feet. Hold the band with palms facing in. Stand and tighten your core, then raise your arms at chest level. Feel the contractions in the chest muscles with the focus of joining your hands as you move on. Lower again to return to the starting position and repeat.

5. Chest Dips.

Banded dips
Banded dips

Chest dip exercises with bands are great exercises that you can do at home without using a heavy plate to get resistance. This movement is the same as regular chest dip training. What makes it different is just a band that is connected to create resistance. It’s also gravity that pulls your body down when you move up. When exercising, make sure to pay more attention to the chest muscles and reduce contraction in the triceps because this exercise is quite difficult. Also, it depends on how much resistance is added.

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Resistance band chest exercises will be a new experience for you. They can be combined with bench press exercises on training day. You can get rid of boredom with the same type of exercise and get new punches from various directions. Resistance bands are gym equipment that is comfortable, lightweight, low-profile, and can be thrown into a backpack to carry anywhere. Now, there is no reason to skip this!

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