Top 3 Tricep Exercise at Home to Build Strong Arms

triceps exercise at home with dumbbells

Having strong arms is every man’s dream. But, to get muscular arms isn’t easy because you must go through regular and ongoing practice. One of the most important arm muscles to form is the triceps muscle because this muscle forms 2/3 of your arm. Therefore, adding tricep exercise at home to refresh your upper body routine is a great way. This workout will make your arms or upper body stronger outside the gym.


In everyday life both light and heavy activities, arm muscles are one part that contributes to maintaining your every activity. For fitness activists, the biceps and triceps are the groups of arm muscles that are most often trained. However, the most likely to be trained in the biceps muscle. The triceps muscle tends to be more difficult to strengthen and shape.

The triceps muscle consists of three parts, namely the lateral head, long head, and medial head. All three will contract when you do triceps strength training or daily activities because they play a role in holding weights on the shoulder joint and elbow joint.

For those of you who like running, triceps strength training has its advantages. The strength of the triceps can push you forward faster by kicking your arms back. Even though it sounds strange, it does play an important role in your sprint. So are you ready to refresh your upper body routine?

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Benefits of Tricep Exercises at Home.

Muscle is one part of the body that has a very important role. This includes exercising both the biceps and triceps arm muscles which have many benefits, one of which is maintaining the stability of the body so it doesn’t look weak. Besides, you need to train the opposite muscles to avoid muscle imbalances. In this case, triceps.

tricep workouts at home without weights

Why? Because bicep was the one who had been shown more often by many people. In fact, to form muscular arms, you also have to focus on the triceps. As information, 66 percent of your arm consists of triceps, while the biceps only get 34 percent. The following are the benefits of having strong arm muscles.

#1 Increase Body Strength.

Want your life easier? Train your arms! When lifting objects like gallons, chairs, or tables at home, you don’t need the help of others when your arms are strong.

#2 Improve Body Appearance.

For men and women, strong and toned arms are a dream for their appearance to look better. So you should start to maintain your appearance if you want to wear various clothes.

#3 Maintain Weight.

Losing weight is identical to cardio exercises that make the body sweat. In reality, it’s not necessarily like that. Your body muscles need to be formed with proper training. One of them is by training the arms to keep the weight normal because this exercise also burns fat from other parts.

Best Tricep Exercise at Home.

This exercise serves as a variation if you are used to doing regular push-ups or diamond push-ups. So what you need is a set of dumbbells from light to heavy and your bodyweight.

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#1 Tricep Extension.

You need a light to moderate dumbbell to do it. The triceps extension is an easy exercise, and you can do this by standing or sitting on a bench.

tricep overhead dumbbell extension

How to: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Your hands hold the dumbbell that is placed behind the head. Aim between your shoulder blades. Raise your arms until the halter is straight above your head, be careful. Make sure your elbows don’t spread out. Do 8 to 12 reps in 3 sets.

#2 Tricep Kickbacks.

This is the second most effective exercise after the triceps extension. By moving your arms up and down with your body bent, this exercise will activate all parts of the triceps muscle by almost 90 percent. Also to stabilize the upper arm when your lower arm extends, the shoulders play an important war in this movement.

tricep kickbacks on bench

How to: Place your left foot on the bench with your right foot on the ground. Rest your left arm on the bench to support your back. Hold the dumbbell in the right hand then straighten to the back. Bend your elbows back to 90 degrees. Repeat in 8 to 12 reps in 3 sets.

#3 Tricep Dips.

Dips workouts will target several upper body muscle groups such as the chest. Also, your stomach will be involved to be used to hold your hips when your body moves. This is effective exercise number three here. But you need to be careful because this exercise requires a high balance to avoid injury. So do it slowly.

tricep workouts at home no equipment

How to: Use a bench and make sure it’s safe. Stand back to the bench and place both hands on the edge. Place your legs in front with a slight bend. Slowly lower your body by bending your elbows 90 degrees until your butts almost touch the ground. Straighten your arms back up. Repeat in 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps.

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The gym is a solution to get arm muscles and other body muscles. Unfortunately, not everyone can go there for various reasons. But after reading this article, there should be no more reason for you not to gain muscle. This best tricep exercise at home can help you get arm muscles easily. Large arm muscles will give the first impression that you have a muscular body for men. For women, slim arms can support your appearance to be more beautiful and sexy.

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