Top 4 Captains Chair Exercise To Strengthen Your Ab Muscles

captains chair exercise equipment

Even though the name may sound familiar, you may have seen this captains chair exercise. This tool is one of the fitness equipment in the gym or at home if you have, which is shaped like a chair with arms and back without a seat. Your ab exercises are considered incomplete if done without equipment. This tool is one of the best for strengthening and building your ab muscles and provides its own challenges at your core.

The Most Common Exercise Mistakes.

There are some mistakes you should avoid while doing this activity. You may feel that your practice is not functioning as desired.

  • Remember, don’t use momentum. This is the most common mistake and also defeats practice points. Avoid this and tighten the core to ensure that you lift with your stomach.
  • Before lifting your legs, involve your core. Not only does it help get the most out of exercise, but it will protect you from the risk of injury.
  • Don’t bend your back, avoid doing this to actively involve the core. When faced with the pressure of lifting a leg, naturally to bend your back against support.
  • Make sure your back is tight to ensure that you get the best stretch possible, and don’t let your back drop or sag.
  • Like other exercise, muscles need oxygen to work, so regulate your breathing on time.

What often happens is to hold your breath when you lift, so, you can focus on engaging the core. This will really make the exercise more difficult. Everybody wants a six-pack, right? Maybe not, but a hard abs often appears as the main goal.

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Muscles Worked.

This exercise variation targets like your abs muscles, hip flexors, and your external obliques. When you swing your legs as if you are using a core, you only make movements without getting the benefits. It’s far better to do 5-10 high-quality reps than 25+ hasty reps! Take time with each repetition and feel the contractions.

After you feel you have mastered this exercise, and have strengthened your core muscles, you can switch to lifting your legs or knees. After that, you arrive at the exercise stage with your knee dumbbells lifted.

This exercise makes your core stronger quickly. Remember, don’t be in a hurry! If you want to avoid injury and overload.

How To Do.

1. Leg Raises.

Step into the captain’s chair then place your body behind the supporter. Put your arms on the pads and hold the handle. When you are ready in position, hang your feet on the floor. Your back must be guarded against support and contract the core to keep your upper body straight.

Prepares the position of both feet with your knees slightly bent then lift your feet up to the floor at a 90 degree angle then hold in the top position for 1 second. Slowly lower your feet in a controlled motion and don’t let your feet fall! When lowering back to the starting position, involve your stomach.

2. Knee Raises.

This step is the same as lifting the leg as before, but with your knees bent. Raise your knees-up toward your chest, hold for a full second the moment after they cross your hips.

3. Bicycle Crunches.

This exercise is normal if you do it on the floor, but it can also be a great variation of the captains chair exercise. Lift one leg to a 90 degree angle. Let the other leg hang, then lift the second knee in a parallel position while simultaneously dropping the first leg. In continuous movement, make sure you maintain a steady pace, and also make sure that each of your knees are raised to the right level.

4. Weighted Leg Raises.

This is a good choice if that’s what you’re looking for, besides, this exercise involves more core. Use the captain chair to support your upper body when you engage the core. If you have to do a large amount of repetitions on foot increment, then this is the development.

Pinch the dumbbell between your legs as you lift the foot. Be sure to do this exercise slowly as you go up and down, to ensure that you have total control over your weight.

Exercise Tips.

  • Your core must be maintained to stay involved throughout the entire exercise. Don’t let it limp or hold your breath.
  • Don’t swing your legs build momentum when you do the foot lift. It does not involve the core muscles and overcomes the effectiveness of your exercise.
  • It’s better to raise 10 feet in perfect shape, than 100 in bad shape. Lift slowly and with focus!

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It is recommended to start with basic exercise before starting the captains chair exercise if you are new or have not tested your core. You will progress to more challenging exercises over time and build your core strength. Some people do special abs days and if this is you, then this exercise is suitable and is an absolute necessity. One alternative, you can incorporate this into your other workout days to ensure that your core is always given a good spirit.

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