Top 5 Foods to Avoid for Belly Fat Loss & What to Eat

foods to avoid for belly fat reduction

Regular exercise isn’t enough to make your stomach flat and sexy. To be more optimal, you must be more careful in choosing foods to avoid for belly fat loss. Especially now that most people around the world are in WFH activities. Maybe it can cause weight gain which is generally directly visible around the belly.

Appearing with an ideal body shape would be liked by many people. When you have gone to workout actively, but the fat still won’t budge, it’s very sad. No one wants to have a distended belly because it will have the risk of health problems. Fat in the stomach can put pressure on other organs so they can’t work optimally. So make sure that your waist is at a safe size.

So, besides doing regular exercise, you must adjust your diet to cut off excess fat and read these tips for natural weight loss. Launch from various sources, the owner of a distended belly is strongly recommended to avoid the foods below.

Foods to Avoid for Stomach Fat Loss.

foods not to eat for belly fat lose

Some causes of belly fat are generally due to inactive lifestyles such as lazy exercise. Also, because you have too much food containing carbohydrates and eating less protein. Other factors, such as stress also affect weight gain because you tend to eat more when the Cortisol hormone jumps.

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1. Dairy Products.

Dairy products are one of the foods that are rich in nutrients. However, this is also high in fat and carbohydrates. Research shows that dairy products can cause side effects such as flatulence to cause a distended stomach. So you should be wise in consuming milk if you want to have a flat stomach. If you feel bloated symptoms that are generally lactose intolerance, try to limit your intake of milk, cheese, ice cream, and yogurt. If you see a better difference, it doesn’t mean you have to throw your milk. Choose lactose-free milk to help your body digest milk.

2. Potato Chips.

Many people think a high-fat diet doesn’t make your body fat. However, that doesn’t mean you are free to eat fried foods. One of them is potato chips. Who here doesn’t like potato chips? I make sure you love it. This is one of the foods that contribute to the accumulation of your belly fat. Most of the potato chips are fried in oil commonly called trans-fat.

That is the most dangerous fat because besides gaining weight, it can cause problems for your heart. This also includes fast food like fried chicken or hamburgers because besides having trans-fat, they have little vitamin and fiber content. If you still want to enjoy potato chips, choose products that are baked and low in fat. But you must be careful because it’s still high in calories.

3. Soft Drinks & Alcoholic Beverages.

Who doesn’t know soft drinks? This is a complementary menu of fried chicken, hamburgers, or french fries that is almost everyone’s favorite, both teenagers or adults. But, did you know that this type of drink contains about 50 grams of sugar in one drink? Besides being not healthy at all, soft drinks have zero calories and have high sugar. That means you gain weight and your health becomes worse.

Besides, if you consume excessive alcohol, it will increase the size of your waist and belly. Alcohol has a very high calorie. As a result, it slows down your body’s metabolism by suppressing the central nervous system. So the best choice is to drink water for long term health.

4. Refined Sugar.

This is a sugar that has a whiter texture with high purity. This type of sugar has various negative effects, such as fat and cholesterol. Also, this sugar makes your immune system weakened making it difficult to fight germs and bacteria. Because of its high level of purity, your body needs Vitamin B complex and Magnesium to digest this sugar when you consume it.

This will cause health problems such as osteoporosis, diabetes, and other health problems because your body suddenly uses various vitamins and minerals from other parts of the body. So before taking a piece of sweet cake, think about your waist circumference.

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5. High-Carb Foods

If you are serious about losing belly fat, reduce your white carbohydrates. Foods that contain high carbohydrates can make insulin spikes which ultimately makes your body’s metabolic rate slow. Also, white carbohydrates are quickly digested by the body and store it as fat because it has been processed before. So replace your bread, white rice, and flour with brown rice and high-fiber vegetables. When you reduce carbohydrate consumption, you will lose weight because your appetite tends to go down.

Best Foods to Eat for Belly Fat Loss.

best foods to eat for belly fat loss

If you already know about foods to avoid for belly fat loss, now is the time you should know what you should eat. So the list below is a cheap and safe fat burning food that you can consume instead of buying expensive diet pills.

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1. Banana.

Containing Potassium and Magnesium, bananas will prevent bloating and make you full longer because they are rich in fiber. This will reduce your snacking habits. Although sometimes considered not good for diets, bananas can increase metabolism by regulating the balance of water in your body.

2. Oatmeal.

Besides filling and energizing the body’s needs in the morning, Oatmeal also contains fiber which helps reduce hunger. If it tastes bland, add bananas to make it more delicious. So this is the best way to eat breakfast with low-calorie, low cholesterol fat burners.

3. Nuts.

Nuts keep you full longer. It’s a good source of fat and nutrients to increase energy and metabolism. One that you can put on your menu is almonds. Research shows that the content of almonds doesn’t make the belly fat despite having several calories that are not small. Also, almonds have a high fiber and protein content that is beneficial for your digestion.

4. Citrus Fruits.

Good news if you like to consume lemons, limes, guava, and tomatoes. They are rich in Vitamin C and fiber to fight belly fat. These fruits are believed to speed up your metabolism to burn lots of fat deposits. The Potassium content in oranges also helps prevent bloating and rich in antioxidants to fight inflammation, which is associated with storing belly fat.

5. Olive Oil.

This is a healthy fat that helps fight bad fats for belly fat reduction and helps control stress hormones. Because it contains high unsaturated fatty acids, olive oil is suitable as a healthy cooking ingredient for your diet.

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What is Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat?

foods to avoid for losing belly fat

Besides consuming healthy food, you must keep exercising. Do exercises that burn calories quickly and burn fat throughout the body such as cardio, strength training, or Yoga to lose weight. One of the beginning routines you can do is jogging or cycling. Then if you are comfortable, increase your running. Furthermore, if you want to build a six-pack ab without crunches, do this exercise. Also, don’t forget to lift weights three times a week to build and strengthen muscles throughout the body.


Having a slim body and flat stomach doesn’t occur naturally. Moreover, in the modern era like now, everything is instant. You need to eat healthily and exercise to overcome your problems. For most people, the middle area is the most common problem. Even though I don’t guarantee you like it or not, choosing foods to avoid for belly fat loss and exercising as above will make you like people who have succeeded in losing overall weight.

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