Treadmill Reviews NordicTrack T 6.5 Si

nordictrack treadmill reviews 2020

Hey, welcome to Today we’re looking at the Treadmill Reviews NordicTrack T 6.5 Si. This is a great way to get your hands on a really inexpensive, but high-tech home treadmill and it’s made our list for best walking treadmills of 2019 and 2020. They are also famous in various parts of the world such as the UK and Australia.

Model Overview.

The T 6.5 Si has a 2.6 CHP motor. This is why we’ve added it to the list of our best walking treadmills. It’s not one we would normally recommend for a lot of running or heavy use because of the motor size. But, it has everything you need to walk regularly and it’s really inexpensive. So, there’s a 10 mile per hour max speed with a 0-10% incline range. And then, you have your option of all the quick select controls to help you bounce around from speeds and inclines very easily, there’s a 20 by 55 running surface. That’s 20 inches by 55 inches, there’s also flex select cushioning in the deck. It’s a very subtle cushioning but it is more joint protective than if you were to be walking outside.

nordictrack treadmill reviews 2019
Nordictrack treadmill reviews 2019

The deck is also folding, it’s very easy to lift and fold. It has a hydraulic ar underneath that carries a lot of weight for you. Also, locks securely into place and as you release it. It can lower itself down to the ground without risk of hurting anybody or damaging your force. Lastly there is a 300-pound weight capacity for this treadmill. That’s an outstanding weight capacity for a treadmill in this price range.

Features & Accessories.

The T 6.5 Si has a very impressive display screen. This is one of the things that we really like about it because at this price point you really don’t see displays like this. A lot of times you can expect a five to a 7″ display and they’re usually an LCD or a backlit display. But this treadmill has a 10″ HD Touchscreen display. It’s fantastic, it gives you a really great viewing experience when you’re on the treadmill. You get to do all these Ifit workouts that are on here like you’re going all over the world. And you’re seeing beautiful landscape and you’re learning about the places and you’re learning from the personal trainers. So, this big display on this Treadmill Reviews NordicTrack, is one of its most exciting features.

It also has Speakers Built-In tongue to the sides, unlike most NordicTrack treadmills these are not Bluetooth capable. But, you can still project your audio through these speakers if you plug into the audio plug right here. You have the quick select controls that allow you to jump back and forth between different speeds and different inclines at whole integers. So, it’s a little bit quicker. You can also make smaller incremental adjustments here with your incline in your speed. So right next to our start and stop buttons, right above our safety key.

nordictrack treadmill reviews australia
Nordictrack treadmill reviews Australia

There’s a little bit of an accessory tray right here if you want to place a book or an item up here. You have your two big Water Bottle Holders here, and then our Heart Rate Monitors are right on the handlebar. It’s just an EKG pulse grip. Especially if you’re walking they are pretty accurate but at higher speeds, these tend not to be quite as accurate. On this treadmill, you also get 20 onboard workouts. Those are pre-programmed into the treadmill, they don’t require you to have an Ifit subscription. So, if you decide you don’t want to pay for the Ifit subscription or you just don’t want to use, you solve a lot of things that you can do with this treadmill besides just the manual mode.

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Subscription Service.

When you purchase the T 6.5 Si from NordicTrack, you get 12 months free access to Ifit. This is the subscription that pairs with this treadmill. Besides the 20 onboard workouts that you can have on this treadmill. You also have a library of hundreds of On-Demand Workouts. Or you’re following a personal trainer, either in a studio or out in the real world, running, walking, hiking, doing all sorts of training on these videos. This is a tool you can use on the treadmill and off the treadmill. You have your stats right here, those they’ll keep track of your stats for you and store all of your password data. You’ve also got a Calendar Tool, so you can map out the next week or the next month of workouts. So, you know what’s coming every day.

You also have access to a really cool training tool called Google Maps. You can go anywhere in the world, and plot your course. And your treadmill is gonna automatically adjust the incline to meet the natural terrain of that route. Also, if you’re doing any of their onboard workouts or the IFAs studio workouts, your treadmill is Automatically Adjusting Incline and the speed to keep up with the trainer. So, it’s a really good hands-free training tool.

nordictrack treadmill reviews uk
Nordictrack treadmill reviews UK

Lastly, here we’ve got the workout library. There’s just a massive selection of different videos you can do. And again you can see you have in-studio series where you’re joining basically a virtual workout class. Or you can follow a personal trainer through a certain hiking series, a running series, there are all sorts of options. So you can really find anything for anybody. Now once your 12-month subscription runs out, it’s pretty affordable to maintain. You can do a $15 a month subscription for one user profile or you can get up to five user profiles for $33 a month.

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The Bottom Line.

So, our bottom line of the Treadmill Reviews NordicTrack T 6.5 Si, this is an awesome treadmill for anybody who’s looking for a treadmill to bring into their home, so they can regularly walk. If you are looking for something that’s gonna sustain a lot of long-term runnings but probably isn’t your best choice. But anybody who’s looking to walk or maybe lightly jogging every once in a while it’s gonna be a great option for you. It’s very high-tech, has a great subscription service offers a lot of entertainment when you’re just getting those few miles in every week and it’s really inexpensive.

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