Useful for Rehab and Training, What is Anti Gravity Treadmill?

zero gravity treadmill benefits

What is anti gravity treadmill? Have you ever heard that? Ok, so this is a zero-gravity treadmill or better known as AlterG? AlterG, Inc. is an American medical device company that makes mobility enhancement products for athletic therapy and training.

The origin of this machine was when a researcher from NASA named Robert Whalen in the 90s, found a way for astronauts to walk naturally. However, this tool could not get NASA’s attention at the time. So, in 2005, this technology was licensed to a company called AlterG to help many people who need health to be able to stand, walk, and run.

What is an Anti Gravity Treadmill Used for?

If you don’t know yet, this product has a function for someone who is still in rehabilitation to be able to walk. Even to be able to run because it has a lower percentage of the user’s weight.

This equipment is very useful for someone who is still in the post-injury recovery stage to regain strength. Also, get movement and fitness without causing pain or discomfort while reducing injuries so they don’t come back again.

How Does Zero Gravity Treadmill Works?

AlterG uses air pressure to reduce the user’s weight and uses special pants such as leggings. Next, the user enters and stands on a treadmill that looks like bubbles that will cover the lower part of the body. Then the air pressure can be adjusted according to the user’s wishes.

From here the movement to walk or run the same as an ordinary treadmill. But with speed adjustment, according to the ability of users, and allows your trainer to see the movement from a variety of different angles.

To lose weight, this treadmill uses high air pressure to the lower body to compensate for the weight because the upper body gets pressure from the atmosphere. But you won’t feel pressure, which means you can walk normally.

Choose the appropriate weight where your movements become free or comfortable. You can walk or run between 20 & 100 percent of your total bodyweight with the right settings.

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Benefits of Anti Gravity Treadmill.

In a safe environment, you can continue training even if you have knee problems or are undergoing other rehabilitation. Other benefits include:

1. Useful for Athletic Training and Physical Therapy.

Do you routinely do weight training in the gym? Maybe your hips, knees, or ankles are experiencing stress. This equipment is ideal for reducing physical impacts such as injuries by using the lifting effect. Besides, they can help patients who have problems with ACL, joints, and even stroke to start training according to tolerance.

Like cardio, this can increase movement activity, strengthen the body, train mobility, and even lose weight. Many athletes use AlterG as a physical therapist to make them recover quickly, improve performance, and improve running efficiency.

2. Low Impact.

They can support you regardless of injuries such as knee problems to practice as usual and get safe protection. This is a powerful tool and is very useful in the rehabilitation of athletes, parents, seniors who want to be fit because AlterG can make you lose 80 percent of weight while using it.

3. Safe and Comfortable.

AlterG will give you a safe and comfortable experience without getting a painful burden because they have all the safety requirements. Some injuries or conditions that can be rehabilitated by AlterG include leg pain, low back pain, Achilles Tendinitis, balance problems, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, obesity, fractures due to stress, and many others.

4. The First Step Before Return to Activity.

Another great thing about zero gravity treadmills is that they can provide support and confidence to users to be able to take many steps. Also to be faster, more stable, and even improve their health and well-being to achieve a better life.

How Much is an Anti Gravity Treadmill?

The price is very expensive! At $ 35,000 to $ 75,000, that’s not your choice. But if you are a rich person, you can buy and invest. Search for this treadmill on the internet by adding the word: for sale in your browser, or directly to the AlterG official website.

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The Bottom Line.

Weight is the main problem for those of you who have joint problems. Not only painful, but discomfort in the joints can also create new problems from excessive activity. By using an anti gravity treadmill, you can stay active and get exercise without causing concern and damage to the joints.

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