WHOOP Fitness Tracker Review, How Good is it?

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Are you an active person? Exercising competitively for 5 days a week? You just need to go to the gym and really don’t need a thick bracelet to make it throb more. Maybe it’s time you try the WHOOP fitness tracker. A fitness tracking device for your body with cool technology. This is the first tool specifically designed to unlock your performance by monitoring Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

Overview of the WHOOP Strap 3.0 Fitness Tracker.

Now, many choices of fitness trackers are for sale. They provide your heart rate and step monitor at an affordable cost. However, agreeing that you are looking for more information about health and a complete assessment, WHOOP might suit you. This is the latest generation of this product, WHOOP Strap 3.0.

They are a brand that puts technology intelligence to the highest level on the market. This item was created and designed to tell the wearer how close you are to the best performance. Also, how much rest and recovery is needed.

They will measure the strain that is placed on your body every day. Provides detailed sleep data every night and tells you how much healed when you woke up the next morning. Your body can be reprogrammed to achieve better performance by understanding the balance of strain, sleep, and recovery.

Maybe some people feel no need to achieve higher levels of performance. And, expressions to reprogram your body that might make you a little scared. Apart from that, now you can start trying it, and you will most likely say, this is so cool!

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WHOOP fitness tracker reviews

This tool will track your sleep fitness. At first, you might not believe whether the device can go that far. If you know, sleep quality affects your performance a lot. They will monitor how long you sleep and how much interference you experience. Together with how many sleep cycles you have gone through and how much time is spent in each phase of sleep.

What Makes WHOOP Fitness Trackers Different?

With higher market prices, there are some differences if you do a comparison with your own fitness tracker. Basically, Whoop is targeted at athletes with high-performance strength. Although you can say this is a good sales strategy. After all, if this is good for athletes, surely this can be a great alternative to helping achieve your goals, right?

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What Makes The Current Version Better?

The first shout out should make you reach into your pocket at an initial price of $500. The company took a few surprise stickers when introducing last year’s subscription model. But now, you can bring it home for $30 (six months to pay each month, or around $288 at the beginning of one year).

If you have a promo code, you might get it at a cheaper price while there is stock. The latest version of the string and its ability to really be able to overcome many shortcomings of the previous WHOOP version.

The Pros and Cons of WHOOP Fitness Trackers.

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WHOOP strap 3.0 fitness trackers

No fitness tracker is perfect for everyone. So here are some good things and others you need to consider before having WHOOP.


Heart Rate Tracking.

The Whoop fitness tracker will automatically track your Resting Heart Rate (RHR) and its variability (HRV). Your Resting Heart Rate is the number of times your heart rate relaxes. This is usually used as an indicator of your health. If you have not been able to read and determine your heart rate zone, please read the review here!

When it comes to Heart Rate Variability, this is widely used by sports physiologists to help athletes make training plans. Variability is also a measure of the time difference between heartbeats.

High variability is usually associated with better fitness and health. When they rise from the bottom, that means your body is ready to do strenuous exercise. If it falls or is below the bottom, you can take time to rest.

Although many trackers record your heart rate during exercise, some reviews say that you will find that WHOOP is more accurate than others.

Sleep & Recovery Time Tracker.

Sleep is a time for rest. That is an important component of your body’s fitness. Adequate sleep after exercise is what the body really needs. This tool will analyze data to tell you how much sleep you need.

You will see how much time is spent in bed. Also, the actual time spent sleeping, how much sleep disturbance, and how much time is spent at each stage of sleep. And even more just by using this app.

Besides, based on your HRV and sleep, this app will tell you how to recover and help you to choose how much strain you will go through.


They collected all heart rate data and then put on the strain score that day. Strains are measured with a score of 1 to 21 which is a measure of how hard you move. When you exercise, you can find out the level of strain so you know when it’s time to work harder or rest.

Besides, based on your height and weight plus your heart rate, this app will tell you how many calories you burn during the day. Because everyone’s metabolism is different, the possibility of calculating this tool is not 100 percent accurate.

Sharing Feature on Social Media.

WHOOP live, a default application that can make you share statistics on social media. This feature will access the camera phone that you can adjust. Then save the recording and you can share the workout video with everyone with data on the screen. So, this is a feature that can entice many users to share exercises online.


No Screen Display.

When compared to the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker App on the screen display, WHOOP might make you a little disappointed because they don’t have screens. Plus, there is no wrist functionality. But, if there is a smartphone screen that is much bigger and clearer, why not? You can use it most of the time, especially when doing exercises to see statistics and your heart rate.


To be able to keep track of your data, you have to pay a $30 / month WHOOP membership fee that may get more expensive over time.

The Takeaway.

One of the best things about this product is that you can use it and not do anything else and still have all the data for that day recorded. Also, there’s no need to bother removing the strap to charge it, you just need to move the rechargeable battery over the strap. Usually recharging the battery every three days. Good news, this strap is resistant to water. So you can use it while bathing or swimming.

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Fitness tracker WHOOP strap

Overall, the WHOOP fitness tracker can be your chosen fitness tracker to be used to track sleep and recovery every day. It is a good idea to join a group discussing WHOOP on Reddit, which is a good forum to discuss several questions and about various issues. You can also visit the WHOOP website if you want to learn more about this product.

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