Yoga Meditation to Relieve Pain for Beginners at Home

meditation to reduce pain

This article aims to inform you about methods or techniques on how to do Yoga Meditation to relieve pain for beginners at home. We hope that you can find a way to get rid of that pain with a natural and free process rather than spending millions of dollars searching for a cure.

Yoga Meditation, the Most Popular Pain Relief Therapy.

Medication is the most popular form of treatment for pain relief. However, a recent study said that doing meditation can help sufferers to get away from addictive painkillers.

In research published by the Journal of Neuroscience, scientists found that meditation is not like painkillers to reduce pain. So it does not cause the risk of addiction or concern in patients with high tolerance to opium-based drugs.

Meditation is a practice that has been carried out for thousands of years ago. Lately, people have begun to look for alternative treatments without using drugs. One of them is by doing Yoga meditation.

meditation to relieve stomach pain

In addition to being believed to be beneficial for physical and mental health, meditation is a body relaxation activity that involves emptying the mind of things that worry or burden your life.

This activity is the process of stopping thinking temporarily which is described as awareness. Your mind is free from scattered thoughts and various patterns to provide high awareness.

Spending time in quiet meditation has proven to be a powerful way to learn to deal with pain. Especially for people who suffer from chronic pain. Symptoms such as headaches, arthritis, anxiety, back pain, or other conditions. In this case, meditation works.

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How Does Meditation to Stop Pain Work?

Your body can produce substances called endorphins. This is a chemical that can be produced naturally by the body and has a role in helping to alleviate pain, reduce stress, and give pleasure when triggering positive feelings. This hormone is produced by the pituitary gland and the human central nervous system.

So how do you trigger endorphins? In addition to food, and exercise as one of the main triggers endorphin hormone expenditure. Research shows that doing meditation is an effective way to treat depression or stress. Both light and moderate depression. Also, this can help you overcome feelings of anxiety, improve sleep quality, and increase self-confidence.

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When meditating, your brain will produce neurochemicals that cause calmness and pleasure, namely endorphins when in a very synchronous state. It gives you a pleasant feeling and a feeling of well-being. Based on research by scientists, when your brain is stimulated by pleasant and happy feelings, pain, or stress will be inhibited. Thus, meditation can defeat your problem.

Guided Yoga Meditation to Relieve Pain.

It’s actually quite difficult for beginners to sit for hours and not think about anything with a blank mind. But in general, the easiest way to try to do meditation is full concentration. To explore the power of the mind, it requires high concentration, full awareness, and the right techniques.

There are many ways you can do to do meditation. The method below is the most common for you to do at home. You can use each of them or experiment by combining according to your needs depending on which one suits you.

#1 Breathing.

The main key to creating calm and concentration is breathing. The first step when doing meditation is to be aware of your breath. Breathe the basic stages of meditation by breathing in through the nose and then exhaling through the mouth slowly.

Use special breathing patterns so that you get relaxation. So when you slow down the breath and the more you relax, then your mind will be calm, the body will relax and the pain decreases. In addition, breathing in a pattern of seconds can increase your concentration. Therefore, make sure your breathing and exhale is always consistent in seconds.

#2 Take the Time to Dive Into Yourself

Concentration is the most important thing besides the rhythm of breathing to relieve pain in meditation. So take the time to achieve total concentration and keep your thoughts and worries that might interfere with your focus. Also, to get successful meditation, your mood has an important role. Therefore, set a safe position and atmosphere so that your body’s positive energy can flow optimally.

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#3 Better View of Life.

You can ponder concepts such as what reality is and who you really are when you meditate. This can make you understand your true self directly and lead you to a different perspective. With a new perspective, you will be at peace with problems and suffering all this time.

From the initial feeling of being out of control and weak helpless, you will be able to develop a sense of peace, sincerity, calm, and gain self-confidence. This change is the main foundation for the reduction of physical symptoms towards better health. Also, a new view will give you the ability to manage your mind when faced with pressure, pain, or stress so that you will stay balanced.

#4 Pay Attention to Your Body Posture

Even though you don’t need physical activity in meditation, you need the body’s ability to drain energy. By positioning the body properly like sitting up straight, both hands above the knee, neck not stiff and chin slightly bent it will maximize the release of energy.

#5 Visualization Techniques.

This is a common technique used to treat pain or anxiety. By visualizing or making it look like you are in a place or doing activities that are fun, relaxing in the past, this will help generate a sense of calm in yourself. Explore each place in detail so that no gaps of pain enter your mind.

#6 Life Forces.

It is said that the Chinese define energy as the life force, or chi. Prana is power. It includes physical, mental, and spiritual energy that flows through our bodies. This energy flows in your psychic nervous system through subtle channels.

Regarding your problem, you can direct or control well-being, such as reducing pain because there is a connection between your mind and the subtle channel system. One way is by imaging blue or white healing rays that have a positive effect on the affected area.

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Although these techniques have been used for a long time for spiritual purposes, meditation teaches many people to realize that it is not only medicine that can help overcome and eliminate pain. But it can also do it with the mind because these sensations are actually communicated through nerves and mediated by physical and mental processes. Which can be reduced or eliminated through the power of your mind. By applying Yoga meditation to relieve pain, hopefully this can help you to get a positive effect and get a better life.

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