Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight on Diet and Exercise

not losing weight after diet and exercise

Your weight won’t budge even though you’re doing your exercise, and you pay attention to your food intake? You are wondering what I did wrong? Well, through this article, I will share 9 common reasons why you’re not losing weight on diet and exercise.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight on Diet and Exercise?

Losing weight is a process that is not easy and as fast as you want it to be. This is a process that consumes a lot of your time, energy, and thoughts. Even so, many things that cause you’re not losing weight. For example, you have practiced exercise and diet well, but you have a medical condition that interferes with your ability. But some of them like the following are worth considering to measure your progress.

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#1 Your Expectations are Unrealistic.

First reason. When starting, you might expect to lose 10 pounds in a month or even a week. Then, what happens next? You will become frustrated and don’t want to move further when you don’t see the results as fast as you expect. If it’s like this, what should you do? It’s best not to set unrealistic expectations because it only takes you to the brink of failure. Safe and sustainable weight loss takes months for even years to lose weight.

So it’s time for you to accept and love yourself because at some point your weight will give you a healthy sign and will not move further to surpass that which is not. So set yourself realistic expectations for achieving your goals.

The second reason, you lose weight without realizing it. All you have to know, human weight fluctuates every day. If you weigh weight in the morning, you may notice changes in body weight from the previous day. Fluctuations in body weight of up to 5 pounds from day to day are common. But that number can change as much as 20 pounds depending on a person’s body size.

Sometimes, the reasons for weight fluctuations can be immediately known. Maybe you eat too much before going to bed so that you gain weight. Or you just exercise that causes weight loss. But there are other reasons when weight goes up and down quickly from day to day including, you consume too much salt and carbohydrates, the weight of the food you eat, the weight of the digestion process, drugs, menstrual cycles, and alcohol consumption.

#2 You Eat too Often & too Much.

Limit your eating time if you don’t breastfeed or don’t have certain health conditions. This is to keep your body sensitive to the hormone insulin because it increases every time you eat. If you eat too much, your insulin hormone will increase dramatically. This can cause Hypoglycemia and low glucose levels. To overcome this, try to eat from 8 am to 6 pm by giving a distance of 4 to 5 hours between meals. After waking up, give two hours for digestion to cleanse itself.

Besides, you might like to eat fried foods or eat chocolate. These foods are basically high in calories. But that doesn’t mean you have to forget them. You can limit the intake of one meal. For example, the protein size of your palm and carbohydrates as your fist. If you use sauce, it should not be more than one spoonful. Don’t forget to add low calorie foods such as vegetables and fruit to be more healthy.

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#3 You’re Not Enough of Nutrition.

You need enough nutrition to lose weight. Therefore, you need high protein foods. Also, low carb foods and fat as needed so that your body gets vitamins and minerals as energy. Lack of protein can also make you fail on a diet. When a lack of protein, you will experience a decrease in muscle mass.

These make you still fat because the fat burning process tends to run slowly. Also, limit your calories with processed foods such as sausages, nuggets, canned foods, and soft drinks because they do not provide optimal nutrition. Choose natural foods with balanced nutrition such as vegetables, fruits, fish, eggs, low-fat meat, avocados, nuts, and seeds.

#4 You’re Not Drinking Enough Water.

Have you been drinking between 2 and 3 liters of water every day? Although this is easy to do, it is also easy to forget. Water plays an important role in the success of your hard work. If you are often hungry during exercise or afterward, instead of taking snacks it’s better to start drinking water first. If you really feel hungry, drinking water first is recommended so that you feel fuller. Water has no calories, so it can treat thirst without gaining weight. This is far better than high-calorie soda or instant coffee.

#5 You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep.

Failure to lose weight is inseparable from sleep factors. During the sleep period, your body produces the hormone Melatonin. This hormone plays an important role in increasing the rate of metabolism and fat in burning energy. So if you lack sleep, Melatonin will not function optimally which will automatically inhibit the metabolic rate. That means it’s hard for you to lose weight.

So you should make sure you get enough sleep for 6 to 8 hours every day. Go to bed early at the same time every day and hours of waking up earlier will make your body feel fresher. Turn off all your electronic devices including room lights to make you sleep better.

There are no shortcuts for weight loss. You have to do it slowly, understand habits that can slow down your metabolism, and improve it immediately.

#6 You’re Not Lifting Weights.

Do you like cardio training? Even with cardio, you can lose weight. But that might make you look like a lean person without muscles. Both men and women, being thin is not enough. You must have muscles to facilitate your life, improve your health and appearance. So, now it’s time to lift weights because this exercise can prevent slow metabolism and maintain muscle mass. When compared to cardio, strength training has an afterburn effect. That means your body continues to burn fat even after exercise.

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#7 You’re Feeling Stress.

Do you have a problem that has not been resolved and that is driving you crazy? Stress can be a cause of difficulty losing weight, especially in the belly area. If you have been exercising and eating disciplined but it is difficult to lose belly fat, ask yourself what your stress level is like. If you are overwhelmed, it’s recommended to meditation at night for 10 minutes to relax your mind. This simple activity will make a big difference in the progress of your weight loss.

#8 You’re Not Consistent.

Usually, someone does exercise and diet because they have a purpose, right? For example, you are actively exercising and dieting two weeks before a wedding or prom night to make it look manly or sexy. In fact, to gain fitness and lose weight, you have to apply it in the long run. So try to adopt a healthy lifestyle every day without short-term goals. Also, avoid discipline from Monday to Friday and feel free on weekends.

#9 You’re Being too Focused on Diet.

The last thing that makes you’re not losing weight despite diet and exercise is that you focus too much on your goals. Throw away the word ‘diet’. Many people think that diet is often associated with short-term regime restrictions. Also, those who have a dietary mindset tend to gain weight from time to time.

So change your mind about dieting and focus on giving your body healthy and nutritious food. Make your goal now an effort to be happier, healthier, and fitter instead of thinking about weight loss. As a side effect, this will give you natural weight loss and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

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The Bottom Line.

Weight loss is not easy, and the factors above are the most common way to stop it. The most basic diet failure is when the calorie intake is equal to or higher than the calories expended. So every food you eat must be balanced with exercise to burn calories. Also, complete with enough rest to make it balanced.

I hope this article answers the question of why you’re not losing weight on diet and exercise. So look again at your journey, correct your mistakes, enjoy your entire fitness journey with discipline instead of just obsessed with numbers.

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